The former District 16 Police Station at 951 Boylston Street in Boston, designed in 1886 by Architect Arthur H. Vinal as a combined police and fire station, was selected by the Boston Architectural College as part of its major expansion from their Newbury Street location.  The Institute for Contemporary Art inhabited the building from 1976 – 2007 and it recently underwent extensive renovations.

Boston Architectural College - Boylston Street

In 2013, the Boston Architectural College completed their rehabilitation of the building, which they adapted into a state-of-the-art educational facility for teaching, exhibition, and fostering community among the students, faculty, and public.

The aspects of the building’s interior that were able to be saved were completely restored, while the unsalvageable details were closely replicated. Michael Fitzpatrick was chosen to create the Contemporary Entrance Lobby for the new building. He received the BSA William D. Smith Memorial Award: Honor Award from the International Design Awards for Building Identification for his work on the project as well as the 2013 Preservation Achievement Award for Historical Preservation from the Boston Preservation Alliance